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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions about our digital marketing services. If you have a question that is not covered below, please feel free to contact us

It will vary depending on the type of website required, such as a small starter website to a full business site or an ecommerce site, however we operate a fixed priced policy with prices starting from £275.

The following Web Design price guide will provide a summary of the factors that contribute to the broad spectrum of web design prices, together with an idea of what you should reasonably expect to pay.

We use WordPress for web design as it is the most popular system on the market with the largest market share. It comes with a great Content Management System, and has a huge range of additional functionality available via 'plugins' which allows us to take design and usability to the next level.

Normally we don't as our designs are bespoke for each customer. However if a client has a specific template in mind for their business then we are happy to work with them on this.

Yes it does, as we offer what is called ‘responsive design’. This means our sites are specifically designed to work with the different screen sizes found on everything from PC’s, laptops, and tablets to smartphones. A responsive design means it can provide an optimum visitor experience by being capable of dynamically adapting the design and appearance of a website to suit the screen size being used.

It is the responsibility of the client to provide the images and content for a website. As a general rule it is better to have real images of your work and people rather than using stock images. However there is still a good case to be made for using stock images as it can add colour and a level of professionalism to a site. We are able to source stock images on your behalf.

The design of a website does not include the written content. No one knows your business better than you, however we are normally able to work with information you have to create appropriate content. We also offer a copyrighting service to create your content on a page by page basis.

Yes you can and that is something we recommend to small businesses who are just starting as it gives them a far lower entry price point to get their business online. Cash flow can often be an issue in the early stages of starting a business and therefore this is a great way of reducing this. At any time in the future, you can upgrade to a full business website and there is no premium to be paid for this. You would only be charged the difference in price between the ‘Starter website’ and the ‘Business website’ costs for both the design and hosting.  

It depends on what software platform your website uses. We use WordPress and therefore if you have a WordPress website we can ‘import’ your site to our hosting environment for no charge. If your website is not WordPress then unfortunately we will not be able to manage it, however we can offer a very cost effective service to redevelop your site on the WordPress platform and then be able to manage it going forward. The cost will depend on the size and complexity of your existing website.

Yes, you can. We use WordPress as our software platform and it comes with one of the best Content Management Systems (CMS) out there. We can provide you with your own access to the website and this can be done at different levels and we would discuss that with you to find the right access that you are comfortable with. In addition, we also provide a website builder called Elementor which allows for the easy editing of web pages through a ‘drag and drop’ editor.

Yes we do, and we provide 3 options for email accounts and all of them will give you a domain name based account i.e. name@your domain name. As standard, we offer a free account where the support is provided by the supplier Zoho. The next level up is our own hosted solution which offers 25GB of email space per user and 5GB of cloud space per user. The account setup and support is provided by ourselves and the cost is £3 per user per month. At the top end we offer Google Workspace email which is setup by us (chargeable) but you would pay Google direct for the account operation.

In general, no as we operate a very open and published fixed price policy. However, if a potential client is looking at additional services such as SEO or graphic design then we will offer a discount based on the services required. In addition, we offer a range of business packages that combine a number of common services at a lower cost than normal.

There is a monthly cost to cover the hosting and support of your website and this includes the renewal of the domain name and security certificates (SSL). There are optional packages that include unlimited updates to the website throughout the year. Prices for hosting start at £22 per month. We have an article with more information on our website hosting and costs here.

It does depend on the product purchased, but we would normally charge a 50% deposit with the balance due on completion. For services such as website hosting and SEO, there is a monthly payment due.

There is a minimum contract period of 12 months, after this there is a notice period of 1 month. As we use WordPress, it is possible to move the website elsewhere. There is a charge of £120 to cover the various tasks that are required of us to transfer your website to an external party.

We have a range of 4 different SEO services to satisfy every budget. We focus on a range of keyword phrases and provide a monthly activity report to show what has actually been done. Prices start at £119 per month and a full description of each service is shown on our SEO page

Yes, we provide what we call ‘SEO fundamentals’ as part of our design process. This covers such things as page titles and Meta descriptions, for every page of the website. The title tag and Meta descriptions are important for search engines as they define what your website and web pages are about. It is also the information generally shown in the search engine results page and therefore very important if you want a visitor to click through to your website rather than a competitors.

Yes, we offer a full graphic design service which covers logo design, business card design, brochure and general stationary design.

The website is fully supported from a hosting and maintenance point of view by our technical team. Our support manager has been supporting our websites for over 14 years and has hosted thousands of sites over this period. After your site has gone live, we provide unlimited email and phone support to cover any questions or issues you have and our standard support option includes all minor updates to your website.

Fundamentally, we support you in growing your business and we work with you as part of a partnership going forward. Importantly for us is the fact that our business will not grow if our clients businesses do not grow.

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