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activ Shortlisted for National Great British Entrepreneur Awards

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We are thrilled to announce that our activ Digital Marketing CEO, Katie Bullon, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Creative Entrepreneur of the Year category at the 2024 Allica Bank Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards, often referred to as the “Grammys of Entrepreneurship,” celebrates the achievements of the UK’s most dynamic and innovative businesses.

Each year, the awards receive thousands of applications, underscoring the competitive nature and high standard of the competition. This year’s shortlist showcases a combined turnover of nearly £2.9 billion and employs approximately 20,000 people, highlighting the critical role these businesses play in driving economic growth and innovation. This recognition comes at a crucial time when visionary leadership is essential in navigating the dynamic business landscape.

This recognition comes as activ Digital Marketing experiences a forward shift in momentum, demonstrating that we have the best consultants and the most robust framework to support them. Our growth stems from an improved franchise model, a new consultant-led trading brand, an ambitious and supportive consultant support panel, and a focus on profitability while maintaining authenticity in our approach. Our model ensures our consultants are equipped to provide the best service to activ clients all over the UK.

View the full shortlist here.

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